Wednesday, April 10, 2019

My Evil Computer Story

For our writing we wrote a story about an evil object it could be anything in our class. I chose a computer and a lot of people chose rubber as a evil object. Here is my story.

This computer is the most evil computer I have ever meet it shouldn’t exist. I’m going to tell you a story about this evil thing!.

“Stop look and listen” Said Miss Hulme. Not a lot of people packed up and Miss Hulme got a bit irritated but then Jayden came across a computer, looked untouched, he slowly said like in a horror movie “A computer?” he didn't realise, everybody didn’t realise that it was a evil computer, “Hey Jayddd… Jayden? WHERE’S JAYDEN?” nobody saw him again like Baylen, Charle and some other people.

We  were walking back to the classroom from the library, we walked in. While Kini was walking to the book box he accidentally dropped his borrowed book on the computer he was scared to get in trouble and then he panicked. It dropped on the computer complete silence for a second or so and… pfktztapiuaf it was gone, well obviously.
When the bell rang Vetaia ran to class. he arrived at the class and “Haere mai ki roto” he got in the class and he made a huge mistake like its was a HUMONGOUS mistake he were walking by the shelf and then “BANG” he smashed into the shelf, while it was falling they saw a computer laying on the floor, they noticed that the shelf was going to fall on the computer  they were completely terrified and then it hit the computer Pfkkkkkkkssssscdfffffffffffffffxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzk, k, k, kpuff.

You should believe this story is real. The computer was destroyed by me.You better be thankful to  me for destroying the computer. It’s a whole nother story if you want to know how I destroyed it.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Word Cloud

For my contract I chose to create a word cloud (basically it's where you have to type 12+ words about you and write your name 3x). The words needed to be things I liked and also my personality. Here is my word cloud.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Camp Prezi T4W6

After our camp we used a Website called Prezi (a presentation) to present information about our favourite thing on camp. Mine was The Luge. The luge is where you go down a hill on a cart and you need to go on a gondola to get to the top.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Reading Activity T4W6

   For our reading activity we had to write a poem about anything in the classroom. It had to included a fancy name called personification. That is when you make a thing do what humans do. I thought about a piece of paper. A lot of people chose the rubbish bin and you only needed to do 3 sentences but I did more.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

T4W4 Word Cloud Contract

We had lots of contracts and I chose the word cloud contract where we were to choose any character and write more than 15 words or just 15 about them. I chose Captain Underpants. I only wrote 15 words except for the Captain Underpants.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Reading Activity

Today in the afternoon we took an I pad and took pictures of each other. My partner was Kini.
We could only do 3 photos.

This is kini, the first one is him climbing.

The second he’s going down the slide.

The third he’s going down the pole.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Writing Activity T3W7

Once upon a time there was this man deep down in the dark all alone. This man has never seen the light or a man and he was raised by wolfs who didn't like the day. One day this woman walked into the dark sketchy forest and she was so frightened when she saw that man who roamed the woods. Now she was trapped, she was nowhere to be seen only in that one forest that none shall enter, only if you have the power to over come the flow of the night sky.  That man was the one who wrote this, the mighty nightmare of the grand castle of the west and I walked into the forest I already knew about him. I knew where he would be because I have been researching about him. I finally walked into the forest I ran straight to him and then killed the mysterious person in one sweep and found the woman. I got her to safety to be continued...

 I never knew he had a army of the best ninjas in the world.
There were over a 100,000 people, they hit us with a big strike. They nearly killed all of the people in the kingdom. I was horrified. I had idea I did what he did, build a army but instead I did it with knights of knights, that's even confusing for me. Only took like 5 hours or so because I saved the knights and I escorted them in my enormous house its really huge. I waited for 5 days then that was the day to unleash my power to the person who killed my mother and it was close but I won I only had 1,000 people left. I felt happy that I won.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


For my contract we were given a picture to colour, it was from Quiver. The Quiver App can make your drawing come alive. You need to have the special piece of paper for it to work. Here is a video of my Quiver.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bike Safety

At school we learnt a new website called Canva. Canva is a site where you can make posters and other things. We made a poster about bike safety. We had four lessons about bike safety. Here is the poster I made about bike safety.

Bike Safety by Haami ROWE

Monday, July 2, 2018


In my class I made a padlet about figurative and literal language. I got my ideas from the book called Drive Through. Here's my padlet I made.

  • Made with Padlet

Monday, June 18, 2018


Image result for art
I searched the internet and found a piece of artwork I liked. I found it on CC Search. I like this art because it reminds me of space and I want to see what space is like that's why like the art.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Stop Motion

Last week on Thursday we did a experiment with a buddy. We used a tablet and went on an app called Stop Motion. We made a movie of our experiment.

Puppet Pals

Last week I made a little movie on Puppet Pals. You could make it with a buddy but I decided to not. Here's my movie.

Friday, June 8, 2018


We learnt a new website called Toondoo. We created a cartoon strip that included onomatopoeia which is a word that represents a sound. For example boom, splash.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Prove it 13

Learning intention
Can I gain the readers interest by using personal voice and sharing my thoughts and feelings clearly?

I was walking down the street going to dairy. I saw this hundred dollar note I wondered who it came from. I looked around trying to find who dropped it but I couldn't find the person who dropped it. I was thinking maybe I can spend it on myself. I got greedy. I went to countdown to buy a lot of things but did not use all of the money that I found on the street at Countdown. I went to Rebel Sports and I just had enough to buy some shoes. I went CRAZY with it. I went home with a ten dollar note and hid it under my blanket. The next day I spent my extra money on lunch. I got really full when I ate all of my lunch and it was delicious.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Breads and Balloons

We read a book called Bread and Balloons. We did the experiment and we made a Padlet to show our results.
Made with Padlet

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Student Blogging Challenge

Today we learnt about Creative Commons. On the website you can use images, videos and music without getting permission from the owner. It's a website that you and other people can put images, videos and music you want to share and use. We watched this video and it is about copyright and creative commons.

Here is the video
Here is the website you should be using search here.

Here is a picture that was from the website and a story I wrote about it.

Aarrgghh they destroyed my boat. Now I´ve got to find my mates. It is really cold I need to find something else.  Hmm first I am going to find my mates. Where should I go? They must be somewhere close to me. I will just walk in the woods and everywhere else that I can go.
Yes I found bear skin that can warm me up I´m freezing. Hey mate I have been looking for you (gun captain). I hate them and I wish the cannons did not sink. Now we have to go somewhere which sells cannons.

The Marble Experiment

Title: The Marble Experiment

Hypothesis: I think that it is going to foam up and drip out of the cup.

Material: Water, cup and a marble made out of a special plastic

1. Get a cup.
2. Fill the cup with water nearly to full.
3. Get the special marble.
4. Put the marble in.
5. Wait 1-2 days and see what happens.

1st: The marble just sat there for a little bit on the top then it started to
sink to the bottom and make bubbles.

2nd: The marble has gone invisible because it has sucked up water
and there is like a barrier around the marble that makes the bubble not lie  
around it .

3 When the marble sucked up the water it got bigger.

4th: The marble is pretty much made out of water but 10% of it is plastic.

Result: It is really huge, it's invisible in the water because it is now more
water than plastic. The air bubbles that formed when the marble was
dropped have been pushed away as the marble grows.  

Adaptation: Instead of water I would use fizzy and see if goes the
colour of the fizzy and put two in it maybe.    

Friday, March 23, 2018

Blogging Challenge

In class when we went on the website student blogging challenge. We scrolled down on the March 2018 students page and we picked two people´s blog that live in some other country or go to another school. We posted a comment on their blog. Here are the comments that I posted on their blogs. You need to scroll down the page to see my comments.  
comment 1 comment 2 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Green Pastures Camp

My favourite activity at my camp was kayaking. I haven't been kayaking before so it was SCARY. One of the adults told me how to use the paddle so I could move in the boat. There were other people who knew how to use the paddle but I still did not think that i could and thought I would fall off the kayak and drown. Luckily I had a life jacket on! We had a swim before kayaking and the lake was as deep as the roof of a tall house. There was a shallow part and that's where I tested my life jacket before I went kayaking. The life jacket worked and I had lots of fun.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Avatar

This is our first week of the student blogging challenge. We have created our own avatar. You might like to make one too.Make an avatar

Friday, February 2, 2018

Back At School

Finally the holidays are gone. I actually liked the holidays but I still like school. We did lots of fun things like going swimming and today. We did tricks because the teacher said. We made name tags for  our bags, monsters out of our name!? Colouring in pieces of paper that looked like kids that are sitting on a seat in a jeep, writing about our holiday. All that stuff. We did a snow ball fight. Well it wasn't really a snowball it was paper but it had writing on it. It had writing on it, it was about 3 things about you.
Image result for welcome back to school

Friday, September 15, 2017


At assembly we had a Duffy role model. A lady came  over and she was called Granny Jo. She is a writer  She showed us some books that she wrote and some students brought the books around the whole school. There were only three books so there was one each for one class. It took ages to get the  book and to read it. But before that we got our Duffy books. Mine was a coloring in book. Granny told us the person that made the pictures but I forgot his name.

Friday, September 1, 2017

gordens bush


Duffy theatre

      Duffy theatre

At school on Thursday after morning tea we, had to line up because in the hall the whole school had a Duffy show.  We had two songs that we sang first. There were eight or nine characters in the show. The Duffy kid was reading books and said that they had lots of shade but when he moved under the shade the shade would move the other way.

We sang the Duffy song while they were getting ready.  they told us there new song they made. It was really funny. Then one of the characters were spraying water at us. My favorite character was the koala. He was getting chased by one of the characters that was dressed in a fire suit and the fires name is whirling fire.then he didn't now that she was a superhero and thought it was a bird our something.she introduced him to her and I forgot her name. The main duffy kid came and before that they made a cloud and a green foamy stuff that overflowed. Then they defeated the whirling fire. Then one of the she told the main  Super Duffy that the she  that I forgot her name that she couldn't read so Super Duffy. I haven't seen a Duffy show before. She had a blue suit and everything on her was blue. Super Duffy was all red. He was first a Duffy kid now he is Super Duffy. The show was excellent to me.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Describing an orange 16/8

The bright orange is round like a sphere. It has little grey spots that are like spots on a cheater. The orange looks shiny like a diamond. It has wrinkles at the tippy top of the orange. it has big dents at the deep bottom. The orange has creases  on the green stork. it looks like a shell on top of it and the shell is very small. It has white flesh around the yummy orange bit inside the teeny weeny orange.

When you smell an orange it smells very odd. It smells like a leaf or honey apples and sometimes spicy. maybe it smells like lemon or it just doesn't smell at all.

It feels bumpy and squishy or rough like concrete. It's always very hard but it's not that heavy at all. It's really cold sometimes. When you run your hand over it, it tickles a little bit.  

The thing I especially like is when I chew and chew on it. It's so so very juicy that's why I Eat it on the table but first I eat the skin. I liked the skin but people think that it tastes like a balloon. sometimes it is very sweet or a bit sour. Finally we bit into the delicious orange bit. It is so yum and squishy.
Image result for orange

Friday, August 18, 2017


When our class sat on the mat we did a new game that I have played before but instead of doing it in school I did it in the boys and girls gym. All of us had to hold hands in a gigantic circle. There was a hoop that was between our hands and we had to try to get our body through it without letting go of our hands. The most very complicating thing that I had to do  was when I had to put my head  through it and put my legs on the other side of the hoop. Everyone had two turns. I thought I was only having one turn!. I was next to my best friend that was on the right  and on the other side I was with one of my soccer team mates.

Thursday, August 10, 2017



The bushy eyebrows were as fat as a caterpillar sitting up above the enormous eyes. The gigantic nose was as huge as an elephant's head hanging below the two humongous eyes. His colossal hands were as large as his big oval head that is connected to his shoulder right by his ugly  bright green face.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Paunga day at the beach

Paunga day at the beach
The waves were creeping along the shore like a beautiful blue caterpillar silently.
The sculptures that the children made were as creative like a genius.
The sand creations were as woody like a big wooden house.
The mountain looked like a nice paradise to have a holiday on
The big and little children ran as fast as a cheater to get twigs to build.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Gordon's Bush draft

The big roots at the bottom of the tall tree were as bright as the shiny moon. The moss was as dark green as the wet grass.
               The vines were swirling and twirling around the huge tree. I saw some weird lichen. It was really white. It was kind of  soft.

                               Way up in the canopy I saw a epiphyte. It’s like a tree garden and probably the birds dropped the seeds in between the branches. It catches some water to grow.  The leaves turn carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekly Reflection 7/4

weekly  Reflection 7/4

This week I enjoyed our pajama day because pajamas are nice and cozy.Zzzzz

This term I have improved in maths because I’m really good at place value knowledge.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

The water fight

Last Thursday the junior classes at Carlton school had a water fight.

It all happened on the back field. All school houses faced each other for a fun time.
Everyone got changed. They wrapped their towel around them self grabbed their water guns and pistols and went to the field. When the bell rang on the field everyone zoomed straight to the bucket to fill up their water guns. They sprinted back to the ground that they were facing each other on. People got soaked when everyone sped around squirting each other.Everyone had great fun laughing, screaming,and chasing each other.
By Haami


Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly Reflection 31/3

Something I enjoyed this week was when in the big assembly there was a person called Fi Fi who came to talk to us.. She had duffy books behind her to give out to the classes in the school. Did you know that books are the most favourite thing I have.

Something I found challenging this week was my enormous hamburger plan because I had to think about a lot.

Friday, March 24, 2017

                                    Weekly reflection

Something I enjoyed this week was when we had a water fight. There would be a house color vs house color every time. I love water fights  because water fights are my favourite thing to do.but this time I watched the water fight.

Something I found challenging this week was when I went Mr Ohia’s group because I had to write about the Te Whare Manaaki. We started off with the writing, I’m finishing off  the writing tomorrow then I am drawing the day after that.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Something I enjoyed this week was when I went up and had a high five  I had morning tea with ms O’conner because the sprinkled cake and the milo was yummy.

Something I found challenging this week was when we played the number game because the numbers that were chosen were hard to make a problem.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Weekly Reflection 3/3

Something I have enjoyed this week is when we went on reading eggs because I love reading.

Something I found challenging this week is when we went on the courts to play tennis, because the ball kept on falling out of my hand.

Friday, February 24, 2017

          Weekly  Reflection                                                      
Something I enjoyed this week was when we did fitness  outside because our fitness is  fun.

Something I found challenging this week was when I played study ladder because  in one of the tasks I had to put in the second number that it told me to and it was in the hundreds.